Thursday, September 30, 2010

For The Love of My Boy...

My hubby and son went shopping a few nights back with a very specific list... you know how that can go... well, they came home with more than we needed and Liam got HIS own cartridge, lol. He is sooooo excited about the Wildlife Lite cart. He's been cutting animals and coloring them for days. Animals of all sizes. Who needs overlays when you can color or ink? Now that he 'gets' what ink can do he is having great fun. "Mommy, I need the Chestnut Roan for my Elk antlers over here!" Love it. Anyway, he asked me to make him a card with his new cartridge. This image of the Mommy bear and cub is totally cute. He was specific with his request. Had to be "boyish". Had to have an image only showing the mom and boy. Had to be an easel card. Wallah... here ya go kiddo!

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