Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greeting Card Holder

This little book was created a while back but never posted... I really am so proud of how it turned out from the idea phase to completion... I have a store bought one and knew I could make something similar with a special handmade touch for a special friend. I used my cricut for the scalloped backround for each month, Tilda's frame on the cover and the little flower to cover a boo-boo on June :). I should have added more of these throughout the book as it looks really lovely. The calendar months were made using MS Word. I forget what I searched for now but found the clip art, altered the color a bit and added the month and days with lines over the top. Each page is the same just with the month name change, and each opposite page has the image backround flipped so they sort of match. The front and back cover are chipboard covered in matching paper to give it a bit more strength, then all binded with my BIA... this tool is fabulous. This project was my first BIA use. I just love it. I kept the decor pretty simple as I tried to think about longevity and several uses versus frills. This one puts my store bought one to shame... need to make another one now! LOL


MjDidDoIt said...

OMG Rheannon!!! This is beautiful and practical and I need to make one for my mom for Mom's day. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Now you have to tell me what to do. Lova ya girl!!!! M

Angelo said...

This is soooo beautiful, Rheannon!! Lucky is the one receiving a gift like this!! I love the patterned calendar pieces.

Have a great day.

Hugs, Kristin :)

Kr├╝mel said...

I still feel so special to have recieved this wonderful piece of art and love from you! It is treasured, only carefully writing in it with my best hand writing is allowed. But the best thing is that it reminds me on you every time I look at it - which is pretty often because it sits on my table right in front of me :o)
Big hugs,
Kathrin aka Kruemel